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Mixed | Beagle, Rat Terrier | Female (not spayed)
Moonie is a 5 year old Beagle Rat Terrier mix. She is super sweet, loves sitting in your lap, and loves going on walks! She has diabetes so she will need a family who is okay with giving her shots and having patience with everything that goes along with it. She deserves a wonderful home, so please come visit our sweet Moonie! Love is Ageless
Status: Available for Adoption
Mixed | Greyhound, Whippet | Male (neutered)
Meta is a 3 year old Greyhound/Whippet mix. He is a very handsome boy who gets along with everyone, he likes the other dogs here. He doesn't like cats though. He is a little shy at first but comes around very fast. He loves to run and play with his toys. He is a very sweet boy who needs a good home so come out and see this handsome boy! SPONSORED BY "RACHEL & CAREY STEINMAN" Love is Ageless
Status: Available for Adoption
Ginger   I have a new home!
Mixed | Rat Terrier | Female (spayed)
Ginger is a very sweet 2 year old Terrier mix. She is very friendly and active. She doesn not seem to mind other dogs here.
Status: Adopted
Cole   I have a new home!
Mixed | Labrador Retriever | Male (neutered)
Cole is a friendly 1 year old Lab Terrier mix. He likes other dogs, but can be a little shy at first in new situations.
Status: Adopted
Yogi   I have a new home!
Pure Breed | Shih Tzu | Male (neutered)
Yogi is a shy and sweet Shih Tzu and is 5 years young. He has the cutest smooshy face, and will steal your heart.
Status: Adopted
Mixed | Labrador Retriever | Female (spayed)
Anna is a very sweet 2 year old Lab mix. She gets along with kids and cats, but is very picky of her doggie friends. She is house trained and knows her basic commands. Come out and meet Anna and see what a good girl she is!
Status: Available for Adoption
Mixed | Rat Terrier | Female (spayed)
Frankie is a very sweet 2 year old Rat Terrier. She is very affectionate and playful. She also loves getting attention and will roll over for belly rubs. She seems to get along with other dogs just fine.
Status: Available for Adoption
Mixed | Beagle | Male (not neutered)
Curly is an exuberant beagle mix! He is about 2 years old and is a sweet guy, but was never taught any manners. We are working with him and his brother Moe, to become good canine citizens.
Status: Available for Adoption
Lavender Blue
Mixed | Pug, Chihuahua | Female (not spayed)
Lavender Blue is a sweet 2 year old Pug and Chihuahua mix. She is very friendly and curious. She would make a great addition to any household.
Status: Available for Adoption
Bonnie Blue
Mixed | Shih Tzu | Female (not spayed)
"ADOPTION PENDING" Bonnie Blue is a friendly 2 year old, Shih Tzu mix. She is very active and playful. She also likes other dogs.
Status: Available for Adoption
Mixed | Fox Terrier | Female (spayed)
Sadie is a 2 year old Fox Terrier mix. She is a very happy girl that enjoys meeting new people and getting walks. She doesnt seem to mind the other dogs here but a proper intro would still be needed. Come out and see this pretty girl.
Status: Available for Adoption
Mixed | German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever | Male (neutered)
Ruger is a 10 month old Shepherd Lab mix. He was adopted out as a puppy but had to come back due to a family change. Hes a a big friendly boy that likes other dogs and was also in a home with a small child. He knows sit, shake, high five and is housebroken. He also loves belly rubs. Come on out to see this gorgeous boy and make him part of your family!
Status: Available for Adoption
Mixed | Chihuahua, Dachshund | Male (neutered)
Newt is a 1 year old Chihuahua Dachshund mix. He is a happy playful boy but a home with older children or no children would be best. Come on in and meet this handsome little fella and make him your little companion!
Status: Available for Adoption
Mixed | Labrador Retriever | Female (spayed)
Chloe is an 9 month old Lab puppy. She is a very happy friendly girl that loves to go on walks and play with her toys. She loves meeting new people and would make a great family member!
Status: Available for Adoption
Oscar & Hero
Mixed | Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua | Male (neutered)
Oscar (blue handkerchief) and his son Hero (red handkerchief) are 5 and 4 year old Miniature Pinscher mixes. They are very sweet boys who would make great lap dogs. Come see this duo! They can go to seperate homes. Love is Ageless
Status: Available for Adoption
Mixed | Beagle | Male (not neutered)
Moe is a big bouncy Beagle mix boy about 43 lbs and 2 years old! He is working with a trainer on his manners. He will be ready for adoption after he is neutered.
Status: Available for Adoption
Mixed | Manchester Terrier | Female (spayed)
Cricket is an 2 year old Terrier mix. Shes a friendly and sweet girl that loves to play. She loves to get attention and then give you kisses back. She also likes to play with some of the other small dogs here.
Status: Available for Adoption
Buddy   I have a new home!
Pure Breed | Beagle | Male (neutered)
Buddy is a 1 year old very sweet and loving beagle. He's a little shy but when he gets to know you he is ready to give kisses to everyone he meets.
Status: Adopted
Salty   I have a new home!
Pure Breed | West Highland White Terrier - Westie | Female (spayed)
Salty is an adorable 5 year old Westie. She is very sweet and loves people and seems to like other dogs.
Status: Adopted
Noble   I have a new home!
Pure Breed | Schnauzer, Mini | Male (neutered)
Noble is a very friendly, but shy, 3 year old Schnauzer. He would do well in most any home. With a little patience he will come out of his shell.
Status: Adopted
Mixed | Brittany Spaniel | Female (spayed)
Bandi is a very sweet 2 year old Brittany Spaniel mix. She is only about 30 lbs, and would be a great companion for any household. She loves attention and does not seem to mind other dogs.
Status: Available for Adoption
Camilla and Bo
Pure Breed | Chihuahua | Male (neutered)
Bo is a very sweet, friendly little snuggler. He is an 8 year old Chihuahua and he came to the shelter with his friend, Camilla, she is a sweet 15 years young Min Pin who was adopted from here years ago but had to come back. They are very bonded, so they must be adopted together. Love is Ageless
Status: Available for Adoption
Thor   I have a new home!
Mixed | German Shepherd | Male (neutered)
Thor is a 2 year old, pocket German Shepherd mix. He looks like a German Shepherd, but he is only 15 pounds! He is very active and friendly, and loves to sit on your lap.
Status: Adopted
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