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Liv Cty Humane Society 2010-11-22 22:17:43
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In last week's Bugle there was a wonderful story about how a two hour old puppy survived with the help of Foster Mom Linda Zavada. The other five puppies of the same litter died one by one in foster homes and we were told to expect all of them not to make it. Well with all her might Linda kept that little puppy going, even after losing one of it's siblings. As Bear grew bigger Linda offered him to one of the foster homes who lost both of their puppies, Jack and Kaye Pfleeger. A deep friendship has developed between the two families. When the puppies were brought to us at the Humane Society they were the youngest we have ever had. These volunteers put countless hours getting up in the night, feeding them, cleaning them, and even taking them to Church to keep them on the feeding schedule. How can we even began to say thanks? As I looked at Bear in the paper I knew a thank you could never match the love between Bear and Kaye. They have helped each other as many animals do in families. Linda now has two more Little babies she is taking care and with her dog teaching them what life is about. We are so fortunate to have wonderful volunteers like this at the Humane Society. You are the heart of us as we both continue on with our work which will never be done until people use spay/neuter. Thank you for giving these babies and many others the wonderful gift of a chance at life. 

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