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Effective March 16, 2020.  Hello everyone, due to the current unrest involving COVID-19, we will be suspending our public hours until April 7th, 2020. This means we will not be open during regular hours. Volunteers and community service are also asked to stay home and keep themselves healthy. We will still be active with Facebook posts and we will be accepting applications for available dogs and cats via email only. You are welcome to call and ask questions about available dogs and cats, however adoptions will also be delayed until the state wide shelter in place order has been lifted.  Thank you for your understanding and please be safe everyone!

During public hours you are invited to the shelter if you can do any of these things:

– adopt an animal
– visit with the dogs or cats (it helps to socialize them and improve their chances of adoption!)
– volunteer to exercise dogs outside (weather permitting)
– volunteer to help inside the shelter in other ways.

When the shelter is closed to the public, we are hard at work attending to all the animals’ needs, health, and other important tasks essential to shelter upkeep.

Thank you to our staff, volunteers, and supporters of the last twenty years at LCHS. We couldn’t do it without you.

LCHS has a presence on Facebook to communicate news, events, and stories about our shelter. This has been a great way to share with the community and our supporters.

Recently there has been a trend to use comments on our Facebook page to express concerns, complaints, or grievances. In several instances, individuals connected with LCHS have been a target of harassment.

As a result, the LCHS Board of Directors is adopting a new policy regarding commentary on our Facebook page wherein comments will be moderated. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments and ban users from our page as we deem necessary.

We understand your passion and deep love for the animals in our care. We value your input and we do want to hear from you. The LCHS Board of Directors has established a dedicated email address to provide a channel for your concerns at lchs.il.board@gmail.com.

The Board of Directors will review messages and respond as appropriate. We look forward to receiving your feedback as we work together to improve our shelter.

If you have general questions for the office staff regarding adoptions, opening hours, or more specific questions about our animals, you may email these to: lchumanesociety98@gmail.com.

Our Facility:
Livingston County Humane Society
21179 North 1358 East Road
Pontiac, Illinois  61764


Fax :


Mon-Fri: 12:00pm (noon) – 4:30pm CT
Sat: 11:00am – 2:00pm CT
Sun: Closed
* Holiday Hours May Vary

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Below you can find our available dogs and cats at the shelter. Which one will be your next pet?

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(NOTICE: Pet availability may vary from listings shown. Please contact LCHS to inquire about availability of specific pets.)

Dog Listings



Posted 3 months ago

My name is Helga! I am a 7 year old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix! I love belly rubs and just being pet in general! I do need...

 Dogs / 632 views



Posted 3 months ago

Hello! My name is Olga! I am a 5 year old Chihuahua/Dachshund! I am a sweet girl who enjoys belly rubs! I do need a...

 Dogs / 643 views



Posted 1 month ago

Hello! My name is Boomer! I am a happy dude of 5 years old! I am a Blue Tick Hound. I was super underweight when...

 Dogs / 713 views



Posted 6 months ago

Howdy howdy howdy! That's the name! I am a handsome young man of 3 years! I am a high energy pup who loves to be...

 Dogs / 1436 views



Posted 6 months ago

My name is Gemma, I am a 7 year old Great Dane/Lab mix. I have been waiting for my forever family to come find me...

 Dogs / 1617 views

Cat Listings


New Listing! 

Posted 4 days ago

Hello! I'm Leilani! I am around 5 months old! I enjoy chin scratches but do need a little bit of time to warm up to...

 Cats / 54 views

Posted 3 weeks ago

Hi! My name is Christian! I am estimated to be about 2 years old! I am oh so affectionate and I have really blossomed since...

 Cats / 75 views

Posted 3 weeks ago

Hi! My name is Midnight! I am around 3 years old and quite the tall cat! I am easily a few inches taller than the...

 Cats / 109 views



Posted 3 weeks ago

Hi there! My name is Butters, I am around a year old. I arrived here at the shelter with an irreparable eye injury and it...

 Cats / 133 views



Posted 2 months ago

Hi all! My name is Paulette! I am around 6 years old! I get along well with the other cats but can be shy with...

 Cats / 174 views



Posted 3 months ago

Hello world! My name is Leah! I am a quiet girl of 8 months old. I am playful and friendly but I like to get...

 Cats / 270 views



Posted 2 months ago

Hello! My name is Scarlett! I am estimated to be around 4 years old. I am a super affectionate girl, but I would prefer a...

 Cats / 280 views



Posted 4 months ago

Hello everyone! My name is Sarabi! I am around 2 years old! If you're lonely and looking for someone to have a conversation with, I'm...

 Cats / 295 views

Betty Boop


Posted 5 months ago

Hello! My name is Betty Boop! I just finished raising my kittens, I'm just a kitten myself! I have had my fill of the kitten...

 Cats / 455 views



Posted 4 months ago

My name is Melvy. I arrived at the shelter last November as a feral. The ladies here have taught me that I am not in...

 Cats / 491 views



Posted 10 months ago

Hi there! My name is Coral! I am around 2 years old! I am so loving and playful! I would love a home all my...

 Cats / 643 views



Posted 10 months ago

My name is Darla. I am 1 year old now. I am the last kitten of my litter of 6 that still needs to be...

 Cats / 671 views



Posted 1 year ago

Pumpkin is a beautiful Domestic Short Hair. Pumpkin is around 7 years old. She loves her food and getting her face scratched. She is also...

 Cats / 938 views



Posted 1 year ago

Kira is a 1 year old Domestic Short Hair mix!  She gets along with other cats and people of any age!  She enjoys being held...

 Cats / 1073 views


Popular! Featured 

Posted 2 years ago

My name is James! I am such a sweet boy and am the very first one to greet you when you walk in the door!...

 Cats / 1247 views



Posted 2 years ago

Hello! My name is Rebecca. I am estimated to be around 2 years old. I am a Maine Coon mix! I love to play and...

 Cats / 1598 views



Posted 3 years ago

Hello! My name is Baby, I am around 6 years old and very shy. I do warm up to people with patience from the other...

 Cats / 1926 views


Popular! Featured 

Posted 3 years ago

Bobbie is a 10 year old beauty! She loves to play with you through the door and is very silly! She loves playing with toys...

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