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Hi! The name is Chopper! I am a 1 year old Lab mix! I am a very high energy pup! My favorite thing to do is play with the Jolly Balls! I like to play tug of war with them, run with them in my mouth, and chase after them! I even will try to play with two of them at the same time! The ladies here really love to watch me attempt to do so! I would love for my new family to have a yard for me to play in or have an active lifestyle to wear me out for cuddles! The ladies say I’m too big to be a lap dog but I don’t think so! I also LOVE rubbing up on things, almost like a cat! Speaking of cats, I will need a home where there is no resident cat. I tested well with other dogs, but I don’t seem to understand how to play with them so a home with a younger dog would probably be best.

  • Adoption Status : Available for Adoption!
  • Dog Breed(s) : Labrador Retriever
  • Color/Markings : Black and White
  • Gender : Male
  • Pet Good With : Adults