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Joy is a very friendly kitty who will great you at the door in the morning. She knows when it’s breakfast time: she gets so excited she runs around the room and darts up the cat tree with the most mischievous look in her eyes! Whenever she isn’t lying around in the windowsill or on top of the cat tree, she loves darting around and playing with the various toys in the room. After a long day though, she loves to curl up for a nice long nap. She does well with other cats.
Joy has been at the shelter since 2009. She has been getting friendlier and friendlier lately. She knows that she is meant to be adopted soon, and she cannot wait!

Likes: wet food at breakfast, cat toys, tall cats trees, lots of love ;Dislikes: if other cats are rude to her, rainy days (no sunshine to bathe under from the window)

Please feel free to visit this lovely girl during our open hours!

  • Adoption Status : Available for Adoption!
  • Cat Breed(s) : American Shorthair
  • Color/Markings : Black Tortie
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : Adult
  • Pet Good With : Cats, Kids, Adults