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*Must see by appointment*

This is Lala.

Her Story: She is a little 8-year-old puppy mill dog. She has been used her whole life for spitting out puppies and then was thrown aside when she was no longer young enough. She is just one of the many dogs we have rescued from such despicable conditions. She has had so many babies in her life, but now it’s her chance to be the baby. Lala (also nicknamed Lolly, Lollipop, and Poppy) is almost ready for her chance to be adopted.

How to adopt: She will be going into a foster home this week and will only be able to be seen by appointment if you are interested in adopting her. You must have an approved application to set up an appointment.

Her: Lala is very shy due to her unsocialized past. When she gets to know you, she absolutely adores you. She will wag her whole body. She will sniff your hand and give you kisses once she is comfortable with you. She loves our office kitten. They will play together and Lala is so gentle with her. Lala will rub her head on Izzy as her form of playing. It is her first real time in her life being happy. Now she just needs someone to love her as much as she will love them.

  • Adoption Status : Available for Adoption!
  • Dog Breed(s) : Brussels Griffon, Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
  • Color/Markings : Tricolor
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : Young