How To Adopt

We welcome you to come in and tour our facility anytime during our open hours! Please come in, meet our dogs and cats! Ask us for an application at the counter, call us and we’ll fax you one, or download a virtual copy here: LCHS Adoption 2017. Please fill it out as complete as possible! One of the most important parts to the application is the “Vet Reference” section. Please supply us with your current/previous veterinarian and phone number! If you have never had an animal before, please let us know. It would be to your advantage to do some research as to whom you may use. We will be more than happy to give you names of vets in your area. The Livingston County Humane Society does NOT offer vet services. All applications take a minimum of 48 hours to be approved once they are received at the shelter. Once you are approved you will be contacted to come pick up the animal!

YOU CAN FAX YOUR APPLICATION TO US AT 815-842-0504. That way, we can get you pre-approved before you come in and pick out the animal you want.

Adoption Costs & Fees

To adopt a dog over 1 year old :  $200
To adopt a dog under 1 year in age: $250
To adopt a cat : $50.  (Cats are also 2 for $70.)

**Once you find an animal you would like to adopt AND you have an approved application you can put a $50 NONREFUNDABLE deposit down to ensure that no other family can adopt them.

Please bring a leash if you are adopting a dog, or a crate if you are adopting a cat.

We currently only accept cash or check.