Light A Bulb/Home for the Holiday is a concept we teamed together thirteen years ago. We needed to find homes for all the homeless animals and at the same time find a way to help support the shelter thru the winter’s high bills. We wanted to educate and get children involved so they could see how many animals were homeless and learn about the commitment you make when you take in a pet. We asked a few teachers if their students could cut out the shapes of cats and dogs for us to write names on of people we planned to contact to see if they would make a donation in honor or memory of their pet or even a special event? It was a very small event with two teachers helping us and two stores allowing us to put up our donated trees in their business.

The program has now become our largest fundraiser involving the students, three nursing homes, and several businesses. Last year we placed so many adorable, loving, and kind animals into their forever homes. Once again we are trying to do this, but find much of the time we are on the receiving end of the animals as the economy  is still waiting to rebound. If you would like to honor or have a cut out shape in memory of your animal on a tree and do not receive a letter in the mail please call the shelter at (815) 842-1025 for more information.

We have so many cats, kittens, and dogs with their suitcases already packed waiting for their new family. Please come out and see them. If you cannot take a pet home, just spend some time with them. Your time is their greatest gift. Our trees in Pontiac are at Ace, County  Market, Delongs, Total Fx,and Maurices. In Faribury at Dave’s Supermarke and in Dwight we are at Dwight Vet Clinic. The students at Washington School, STARS at PJHS and St. Marys in Pontiac, Fairbury, and Odell participated in making the shapes put on the trees Check out their great art work!!