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Leslie Jo Fahnders
Michelle Smith
Wide Awake Timberline
Mary Helen McCorvie Marilyn Headley
Rebecca Rakoczy
Mr & Mrs Steven Payne
Mr & Mrs Mike Oelschlager
Fairbury Busey Bank Employees
Gerald & Diana Shubert
Dana & Ginny Clapp
Bill & Karen Gregory
Patricia Enderlin (from Blanch)
Steve Staulcup
Greg & Nancy Knauer
Donald & Linda Matzen
Dino & Marcia Monterastelli

For all those donors not listed above who kindly donated in cash, we appreciate your support!



Donors in Memoriam

In Memory of Dawn Kangley:
Janelle Dohrmann

In Memory of Margaret Tinges:
William D & Mary Laura Schultz

In Memory of Roger Grey:
Susan & Michael Fordyce
Joe & Emily Burton

In Memory of Aiden Abry:
Gale J Thomas
Odell Township
Hannah & Andy Abry
Frank & Nancy Legner
Bill Kauffman
Joan Bullard Realty
Deanna Hassinger
Bill & Karen Gregory
Dale & Pamela Warren
Jeffrey & Susan LaBorence
Phil & Jill Rambo

In Memory of Brian Olson:
Mr & Mrs Richard Olson
Karen, Jeff, & Joel Vietti
John Purdy Farm
Mr & Mrs Russ Munch
Mr & Mrs Todd Johnson
Audrey Roberts
Marie Rapp
RH Pettit
Mrs & Mrs Brad Schwahn
Mr & Mrs William Gregory
Mr & Mrs John Seeman
Mr & Mrs James Drengwitz
Mr & Mrs Ted Whittle
Mr & Mrs Jim Edinger
Michael Heenan
Mr & Mrs Brian Amm
Janice Hibler
Marianne Schwahn
Mr & Mrs Dennis Wunsch
Karen Fraher
Carl Durham
Mr & Mrs Don Moore
Mr & Mrs Mike Duffy
Mr & Mrs Dorian McBeath
Mr & Mrs Robert Rich Mr & Mrs James Vogel
Mary Gamblin
Kathleen Duffy
Mr & Mrs Kenney Robinson
Mr & Mrs Perry Wilson
Marlon Eilts
Steve & Megan Bennett

Many thanks to those of you who donated anonymously or in cash.

In memory of Dawn Kangley:
Gary & Donna Uhlenhopp

In memory of Creighton Woodburn:
Scott & Darcy Woodburn

In memory of Ray Bahler:
Kay Frye