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Joan Johnson
Daniel Noe
Bill & Karen Gregory
Bank of Pontiac
Julie & Gary Marx
Carol Herdien
Ramona Fairburn
Donald & Linda Matzen
Rich Hatzer
Patricia Tinges
Maryann Motes
Clifton Johnson
Linda Over
Bill Goskie
Mary Seerup
Pontiac Township High School
Diana Folk
Wild Birds Unlimited Palos Park, IL
Dave Ledford
Nancy Hoselton
Stephen Staulcup
Margaret Ruffatti
Mildred McLoughlin
Billie Henson
Barbara Rose
Leslie Fahnders
Lori Meckalski
Nancy Howard
Stephen Staulcup
Caroline Sartoris
Mary Ann Sorensen
Julie Marx
Shirley Holzhauer
Leslie Fahnders

For all those donors not listed above who kindly donated in cash, we appreciate your support!

Donors in Memoriam

Many thanks to those of you who donated anonymously or in cash.

In memory of Pete Petropol:
Kim Boden

In memory of Ray Pettit:
Melinda Six Durham
Craig & Rita Curry
Aileen Selmeczi
Sharon Bagby
Nicki Rosenbaum
Keith Tribley
Mildred Harms
Carol McDonnell
Kelly Eckhoff
Marle & Kathryn Ferguson
Jennifer Leenders
Bonnie Smith
Richard Dievendorf
Donna Pike
Marilyn Schick
Michael & Cheryl Marx
Fern Pettit
Bill & Karen Gregory

In memory of Nick Fordyce:
Jane Bolz
Paula Rich
Donna Pike

In memory of Joyce Rich:
Rita Dunn

In memory of Denise Ray Belcher:
Joan Bullard Realty

In memory of Kathleen Reitz:
Sharon Wall

In memory of Debra Brackney:
OSF St James Dietary & Friends

In memory of Patricia Townsend:
Sharon Catania
Community Chest of Dwight
Wendy Schluntz
Carol Dippon
Maureen Lenzie
Dorothy Schrum
Stephanie Clapp