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Dr Janelle Brown, in honor of Dr Sasha Radford
Linda Matzen
Karen Nyi
Sharen Welch, in honor of Liz Hiltabrand
Barb Wahls
Driscoll Motors
Christine Hendren
Rick & Sue Hiatt
Shirley Holtzhauer, in honor of Julie Marx
Leslie Fahnders
Julie Marx
Shirley Holtzhauer
Janice Wills
Jenny Lyons
Mallory Masching
Bevin Brummel

For all those donors not listed above who kindly donated in cash, we appreciate your support!



Donors in Memoriam


Many thanks to those of you who donated anonymously or in cash.

In memory of Amylu Gioletti:
Luann Wolfe

In memory of Shirley Durham:
Connie Dohman

In memory of Sandra Durham:
Livingston County Mental Health Board

In memory of Creighton Woodburn & Brian Olson:
Amy Petersen

In memory of Brian Oldson:
Kathryn McMillan

In memory of Mary Helen Burke:
Elaine Immke

In memory of Jennifer Dronenberg:
Mr & Mrs Dean Wahls
Richard Drevendorf
Mr & Mrs Gene Swartz
Patricia Heck

In memory of John Hamilton:
Hilda Kollar
Bank of Pontiac
Karla Schultz
Michael O’Rourke
Joni Painter
Melinda Six Durham
Daniel Soliday
Jeffrey Alan Wahls
R.H. Pettit
Martha Miller
Gladys Knudson
Jean Shane

In memory of Tyler Worthington:
Shari Bull

In memory of Jeff Stoffels:
Elaine Strock

In memory of Dr Milton Yarmy:
Nancy Maestras
Joan Bullard
Ann Travers
Richard Dievendorf
Mary Olson

In memory of Pauline Donovan:
Mr & Mrs Underwood
Janet Mortimore
Terry Bishop
Barbara Hanback
Ramona Harris
Nancy Dinardi
Craig Anderson

In memory of Lawrence Exton:
Martha Slavik

In memory of Angel, family cat of Von Stuckert:
Donna Kipfer

In memory of Marion Kennedy:
James McCabe