Effective August 13, 2020.  Hello everyone, due to the current unrest involving COVID-19, we will be suspending our public hours until further notice. This means we will not be open during regular hours. Volunteers and community service are also asked to stay home and keep themselves healthy. We will still be active with Facebook posts and we will be accepting applications for available dogs and cats via email only. You are welcome to call and ask questions about available dogs and cats.  Once you have an approved application, you are welcome to schedule a time to come and meet the animal you are interested in.  Thank you for your understanding and please be safe everyone!

Volunteers are welcome at LCHS anytime during our regular business hours.

If You would like to be a Volunteer and help out LCHS, fill out the application below and bring it to the shelter.

You may also fax the form to 815-842-0504.

LCHS Volunteer App

Some of the activities you can help with are:

Walking Dogs:
Dogs are scheduled for daily walks. Dogs may also be walked and played with during business hours. Call the LCHS main office at 842-1025 to schedule a time to walk dogs!

Maybe you would like to have your classroom come some day and walk dogs?  Or how about brushing and playing with cats?  This would be an excellent classroom field trip!  Call LCHS today to schedule a day and time.

Working in the cat rooms:
They are cleaned and disinfected every morning and the staff always needs help with this. Each cage is swept out and washed and given a clean litter box, food and water, a towel and toys. Throughout the day, cats also need to be checked for clean litter boxes and fresh water. All cats need socialization and attention which helps with their transition to a new home.

All of the cats have towels and other soft items in their cages and at night all dogs have blankets to cushion their joints while they sleep. These items are washed daily.

Dog and cat bowls, litter boxes, and toys are washed daily to keep the animals environment as clean as possible to reduce the chance of illnesses.

Brushing, bathing, and trimming nails helps with socialization and adaptability and provides one to one humane attention.

Maintenance such as cleaning the office, mowing the grass, washing windows, trimming bushes, pulling weeds, picking up garbage and dog waste from the yard.

There are several committees that need volunteers. The fundraising committee is always in need of people to staff, chair, and plan events. The membership committee seeks and recruits new members, and updates the membership database. The Education committee needs assistance with preparing and designing visual aids and with presentations.

Effective April 28th, 2019, Livingston County Humane Society is proud to announce we are expanding our staff hours and our business hours open to the public. We are now able to welcome guests to our shelter every weekday from noon until 4:30pm and Saturdays from 11:00am until 2:00pm.

During public hours you are invited to the shelter if you can do any of these things:

– adopt an animal
– visit with the dogs or cats (it helps to socialize them and improve their chances of adoption!)
– volunteer to exercise dogs outside (weather permitting)
– volunteer to help inside the shelter in other ways.

When the shelter is closed to the public, we are hard at work attending to all the animals’ needs, health, and other important tasks essential to shelter upkeep.

Thank you to our staff, volunteers, and supporters of the last twenty years at LCHS. We couldn’t do it without you.

We know our shelter can be overwhelming at times…don’t be shy about volunteering!  Give us a few minutes and we will help you get your feet wet in no time!   Our staff and volunteers are excellent with the animals and patient with the humans!  We want you to feel comfortable at our shelter!  Come and out and visit with us…for the animals’ sake!

We do want to give a WELL DESERVED thank you to each and every one of our Awesome Volunteers!!

Whether you come out to clean up the messes, brush the cats and dogs or foster our animals…you are giving our animals the love, attention and compassion they deserve!

YOU are giving them their second chance!!

~Each and every one of you makes the difference~

For this, we THANK YOU!